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ISU begins processing student COVID-19 grants

Indiana State University began processing $3.12 million in federal CARES Act grants to eligible students Monday.

The grants, which will be sent to 6,347 ISU students, are for the sole purpose of providing assistance for expenses related to the disruption of campus operations because of COVID-19. The grants go directly to students and are not applied to university account balances.

"This federal funding is so important to our students," said ISU President Deborah J. Curtis. "We are grateful for the support of our Indiana congressional delegation."

Eligible students receive $500 if they are enrolled greater than half-time and $250 if enrolled half-time or less. Grants for eligible full-time students will be processed through Friday. Grants for eligible part-time students will begin to be processed May 11.

ISU officials stressed that it could take several days for students to receive the money.

Under federal requirements, students receiving the grant must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program and be eligible to receive federal financial aid through Title IV, Section 484, of the Higher Education Act.

Students ineligible to receive the grants are, according to federal regulations, those who have not filed FAFSA forms; those enrolled in a distance learning program; those who are not citizens; or those who withdrew from the university.

The initial funding allocations represent 75 percent of the money required to be distributed to students. The remaining money will be provided to students who need additional support — up to $750 total for full-time students and $375 for half-time students, including the original grant. Exceptions will be considered individually.

An online application for additional support will open May 13 on the Financial Aid website. Funding is limited and will be awarded until depleted.

Student expenses associated with them the campus disruption related to COVID-19 might include lost wages from a job, such as an on-campus job; moving expenses; or internet expenses at home, said Mark Alesia, ISU's director of communication. Those are just a few examples.

ISU could receive up to $9.6 million under the federal stimulus package, or CARES Act, approved by Congress in March in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Half of that amount, or about $4.8 million, must be directed to emergency student grants.

As for the other half, "We need to hear more detail from the state before we can address the other half of the CARES money," Alesia said.