Daviess County COVID-19

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UPDATE: WNC will no longer be moving patients or converting the facility into one for COVID-19 patients

Chosen Healthcare has changed its plans to transfer patients from Washington Nursing Center to other facilities owned by the group including those in Hanover, Fowler and Vincennes. The facility was going to transition Washington Nursing Center into a facility that would care for Chosen Healthcare's COVID-19 positive patients. The decision was made Monday night.

That's after nearly two days of uproar from the community. On Saturday, moving trucks arrived at the facility. By Sunday, word had spread around town and protestors, in an effort to show support to the staff and residents, made their way to area around the nursing home. On Monday, larger crowds appeared and Daviess County Public

Chosen Healthcare Regional Director of Operations Eric Alhbrand told the Times Herald Monday night those plans had changed.

"We decided we are NOT transferring residents out nor are we converting the building to COVID-only," he said in an email.