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RTC Communications announces action plan

(Montgomery, IN). The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is causing widespread changes to our everyday lives. States, nations, and the world continue to implement unprecedented measures to ensure the health and safety of communities across the globe. RTC Communications and government, as well as others in the industry, recognize the significant role that telecommunication companies play during this difficult time. Kirk Lehman, CEO of RTC Communications, stated, "to RTC, the Coronavirus is not just a crisis; it is a call to action that we are fully prepared to address."
RTC has developed operational and action plans to prioritize the continued operations of the RTC network while taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of employees, customers, and the communities served. These steps include following the current guidelines from leading government and health authorities; implementing contingency plans; and continual monitoring, inspection, and restoration of networks as needed.
Along with industry counterparts across the nation, RTC remains confident in its ability to provide safe and reliable service to its customers. RTC is prepared and ready to keep their facilities up and running so customers can focus on their own lives and caring for their families and their businesses instead of worrying about their network connectivity.
With a great deal of planning, RTC has allocated their resources appropriately to address customer service, maintenance, and installation needs. If there is a spike in customer service calls, they are able to adjust personnel and equipment quickly and as needed. During this time, it is crucial that every organization balances the various operational needs of the business and appropriately deploy resources. RTC is doing that and more. Lehman continued, "rest assured that customers, both residential and business, will be taken care of with the best service possible."
RTC is committed to doing their part in keeping the community safe and informed during these times. In doing so, they have increased their minimum residential fiber speeds to 250 Mbps download and 250 Mbps upload speeds, and as always, they do not have data cap restrictions.
*These complimentary upgrades will remain in place until the COVID-19 pandemic subsides in the community. **Due to bandwidth restraints of older, legacy Internet platforms, this complimentary upgrade is only applicable to fiber-connected residential locations.
The safety, well-being, and service of members, employees, and communities are critical to RTC. "As part of our commitment, all of us at RTC is working diligently to limit the risk of spreading COVID-19 by utilizing best practices for sanitation, social distancing, and operational processes," concluded Lehman. A reliable, high-speed data connection for residents and businesses is vital for e-health, e-learning, working from home, continual operations, and entertainment purposes over the coming weeks. RTC, in its essential role as the region's internet and communications provider, is focusing on supporting governmental efforts in maintaining a healthy community and keeping personnel available to provide you and your families these vital services.
What to expect from operational changes:

  • RTC's front office is closed to general public traffic until further notice.
  • When scheduling installs and dispatching technicians, RTC's customer relations specialists are asking identifying questions. This process will help restrict any of our customers or team members coming in contact and/or further spreading COVID-19.
  • The service technician will be contacting the customer prior to arrival to ask additional identifying questions and address any customer concerns. Upon successful completion of the safety assessment, an estimated arrival time will be given to the customer from the technician.
  • Once an RTC technician has arrived at the premise location, the technician will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) to limit potential exposure to both the customer and the technician.

RTC Communications and its employees are working tirelessly to keep the community and employees safe and the network operating at peak and optimum capability. Anyone with questions about broadband or voice service should contact RTC's customer services at 812-486-3211 or by email at info@rtccom.com.
About RTC
RTC Communications, headquartered in Montgomery, IN, is a leading rural telecommunications company serving the internet, entertainment, voice, and business services needs of customers in Daviess, Martin, and Lawrence counties. RTC customers have access to Intelecynâ„¢ Speed, world-class broadband internet riding on the latest optical Fiber To The Premise (FTTP) network reaching speeds of 1 gigabyte, no data caps, and the latest next-generation mesh WIFI network to support the Internet of Things (IoT) in the home or business. Additionally, RTC Communications provides Intelecyn Entertainment, Intelecyn Home, and Intelecyn Business. Being a cooperative, RTC Communications' customers living in an RTC territory are also owners.
To find out more about RTC Communications, visit rtccom.com and intelecyn.com.